Real Estate and Natural Resources Practice

We have a significant real estate and natural resources practice, which includes administrative law, such as obtaining land entitlements from city and county agencies, negotiating land-use issues such as endangered species matters with various state Fish & Game departments and the United States Fish & Wildlife Service, delineating wetlands with the United States Army Corps of Engineers, negotiating streambed alteration agreements and litigating homeowner disputes. The Firm also practices water rights law. The Firm litigates Endangered Species Act (ESA – both state and federal), the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) suits.

WLC | The Williams Law Corporation prepares Mitigation Banking Agreements, Habitat Conservation Agreements, Developer Disposition Agreements, Bond Agreements, and all other documents necessary to take vacant real estate to a fully-developed condition.

The Firm also supervises real estate due diligence efforts and handles sophisticated matters including asset ownership and management, real estate finance and loans, development and entitlement, sales and acquisitions, leasing, and workout transactions.