General Negligence, Premises and Product Liability

WLC | The Williams Law Corporation handles matters that involve general negligence, premises and products liability, including punitive damages claims. We have successfully defended, settled and taken to trial many such actions. We represent a diverse group of property owners and tenants, defending personal injury and property loss cases. These cases are typically brought by individuals who claim negligence in the maintenance of our clients’ premises, including defects in floors, steps, sidewalks, roadways, streets and highways. Such cases generally involve allegations regarding foreign substances or the accumulation of ice, snow, water or debris.

The Firm regularly represents its manufacturer clients against claims that their products have caused injury, loss of consortium or death. In all forms of negligence cases, we have a broad range of experience in complex medical issues, maintenance and operation, construction, workers' compensation and third-party claims. The Firm understands that these claims take a special and sometimes sensitive approach, but the Firm adopts a measured response to the validity of the claim presented.

We also educate our clients to avoid litigation. This education includes on-site seminars to teach issues including preservation of evidence, effective interviewing during the claims evaluation process, and settlement strategies. With this training, many of our clients have disposed of threatened and pending litigation.