Intellectual Property: Patent, Trademark and Copyright

The Firm litigates patent, trademark and copyright infringement disputes in federal and state courts as well as abroad. Our litigators are well-known for establishing the definitive law on contributory copyright infringement in the seminal case of Fonavisa v. Cherry Auction, leading to the Ninth Circuit's shutdown of Napster and the United States Supreme Court's shutdown of Grokster, and have been cited in practically all intellectual property case law books used in law school.

Clients retain the Firm to assist them with protecting their intellectual property assets in the United States and across the world and challenging infringers. The Firm has extensive experience handling all types of intellectual property, including not only patent, trademark and copyright litigation, but also including trade secrets, unfair competition, Internet domain names, advertising and trade dress issues. The Firm represents both holders of intellectual property rights and challengers of those rights.

The Firm assists its clients with patent, trademark and copyright restrictions, licensing, outsourcing and managed services, work-for-hire agreements, software and other product licensing, assignments, ownership disputes, branding services. In addition, the Firm handles a wide variety of business methodologies, including franchises, e-commerce, transactions, Internet and intellectual property audits. In its unfair trade practice, the Firm assists its clients with trade secrets, confidentiality, unfair competition, Lanham Act, trade disparagement, and trade name disputes.